Our Story


D. Amaadi Coleman, Founder

Amaadi's journey as a wellness practitioner started at home, because movement was a must in her family. When she and her brother were young, their mother would wake them up before sunrise to bike or jog around the neighborhood before school. So, movement has always been a part of her life. Her mother made sure of it.

She added healthy nutrition habits to her movement practices in college while studying Spanish. There, Amaadi became a vegetarian and delved into researching food and how the body reacts to it. Combining the two were the building blocks for developing a body that felt efficient, healthy, and strong.

Amaadi, The Belly Therapist™ is also mom to three sons, a NASM certified personal trainer, group exercise instructor, nutrition lifestylist, and holistic healing advocate. After naturally healing her own abdominal separation (diastasis), she became the first Black Tupler Technique® Trained Professional. Now, as the Belly Therapist, she educates and supports the natural healing of abdominal separation among women.


Myeisha Thompson, Director of Strategic Marketing

Myeisha Thompson, Owner and Principal Writer & Content Strategist of MPower Content, is passionate about helping small businesses and solopreneurs reach their full potential by leveraging the power of their brand story to create engaging content that drives action.

A  writer, strategic marketer, and educator, Myeisha brings her 20 years of experience working with organizations of all sizes with her when she serves clients who need strategic guidance and support on creating and executing digital content. She believes that user experience, quality content, and consistent analytics are central to delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time.

In addition to running MPower Content, Myeisha is the owner of Yogini Noire, which is a yoga apparel and wellness education brand. Her mission is to celebrate, educate, and elevate Black women who seek wellness through yogic practices. As a committed yogi herself, Myeisha hopes to inspire women of color to create their own paths to healing and wellness, using the physical and spiritual teachings of yoga as a guide. She provides education and resources--AND cute shirts and accessories adorned with images and mantras that represent Black women in expressing the strength and beauty of practicing yoga.


 Dr. Renee Latchman, Director of Programs

Dr. Renée Latchman is a mentor, mother, wife, educator, writer, and health and wellness junkie, who is passionate about guiding young black females along the path to their best selves. As founder of Next Level Mentoring Group and an English Lecturer for over ten years, Renée brings a wealth of knowledge about communicating effectively to various audiences, in particular, the Black female audience. She is driven by the need to spread knowledge and to empower Black women to become the best version of themselves despite their circumstances. Renée believes one of the best mediums to achieve this is through health and wellness. As a mother, she understands the power of communication through the dispersion of knowledge about health and wellness practices that bring healing to the postpartum body. She is committed to the upliftment of mothers and their daughters. 

Our Core Values

We need the support of our fellow sisters. We are powerfully unstoppable when united regardless of color, ethnicity, class, age, sexual preference or political views.

We fully understand the female body and support women's holistic healing from five standpoints: spiritual, mental, physical, nutritional, and social.

We believe being physically active is one of the keys to healthy living. And that unleashing the warrior within can create wellness through awareness.