$10 for 10-Day Juicing Fast Campaign (Coming Soon)

$10 for 10-Day Juicing Fast Campaign (Coming Soon)

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Jumpstart Your Wellness Journey in 10 Days and for Just $10 with our program that combines information, coaching, and community.

Our program delivers the comprehensive information and instructions you’ll need for the juicing fast, plus additional tools and support to help you successfully complete the program. You’ll get:

  • Daily online group coaching from certified personal trainer and nutrition coach D. Amaadi Coleman
  • Access to an online community of like-minded people to share your experiences with, and to help keep you accountable and motivated
  • Access to members-only content to use during and after the program

Program Overview:

  • Juicing 101 tutorial: the whats and whys of a juice fast
  • Preparation tips: what to buy, purging the pantry, and and juice recipes
  • The "weaning" process: how to move away from the bad stuff
  • & more!