Healthy Conversations (ebook)
Healthy Conversations (ebook)

Healthy Conversations (ebook)

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Need some inspiration to eat healthier? Want to know how some of today’s top influencers are eating healthier with such busy schedules? Well, the answers are here. This ebook is for foodies, recently converted plant-basers and vegan veterans. Healthy Conversations includes some impactful people sharing tidbits of their healthy eating journey like how to curb unhealthy cravings and eating healthy while dining well as shared their favorite dishes! Also, check out the tantalizing recipes from around the world! 

Participants in this ebook include:

  • Dr. Phillip Valentine, Co-Founder of the University of Kemetian Sciences
  • Brother Heru, Chef & Entrepreneur
  • Ayanna Gregory, Performing Artist (and daughter of the late Dick Gregory)
  • Sophia Kehler, Founder of The Anti-Coach Program
  • Sean Yoes, Baltimore Editor for the Afro American Newspaper
  • Michele Bowman, Vocal Artist
  • Taueret Thomas, Chef & Owner of Khepera's Kitchen
  • Earle Bannister, Designer, Master Tailor, & Founder of E. Bannister Couture
  • Traycee Gales, T.V. Celebrity Journalist & Founder of Gospel Access
  • Tarek "Terk" Stevens, Founder of Tarek Entertainment Group
  • Harold Fisher, Author & News Anchor for The Daily Drum for WHUR FM Radio
  • Qimmah Nejeeullah, International Educator & Entrepreneur
  • Paul McFarland, Martial Artist & Owner of Ring Dragon
  • Navasha Daya, Vocal Artist & Arts Advocate